Hacktoberfest with Robo.js: Build Bots or Plugins & Win Stuff!

Hacktoberfest with Robo.js: Build Bots or Plugins & Win Stuff!
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October is here, and with it comes Hacktoberfest! WavePlay is thrilled to be part of this tradition, inviting you to play around with Robo.js, our slick Node.js (& Bun) framework for spinning up powerful bots—aka Robos! 🚀

Need a jumpstart? Check out our to-do tutorial and join our Discord Community for any questions or brainstorming sessions!

With Robo.js, creating commands is remarkably simple, often just requiring a single line of code. Expanding your bot’s functionality with a range of plugins is also straightforward using the robo add <plugin> command. TypeScript is fully supported, and starting your project only needs npx create-robo <name>, followed by robo dev to launch it!

Being a file-based framework means this is all you need to create a slash command

How to Participate

Join the fun by developing a unique Robo.js plugin, building a bot, or even contributing to the source code or existing official plugins! Your creative freedom is vast, and here are some ideas to get you started:

Plugin Ideas:

  • Emoji Reaction Plugin: Add a layer of fun with emoji-based reactions.
  • Trivia Game Plugin: Introduce competitive trivia games to servers.
  • Music Control Plugin: Allow users to control and play music within servers.

Bot Ideas:

  • Utility Bot: A bot offering practical tools for server management and user info retrieval.
  • Roleplay Bot: Provide an engaging roleplaying environment with character setups and story-driven interactions.

Craft in your own repository and tag them with #hacktoberfest #robojs. Once you’ve finished, submit your creation on GitHub!


On November 1, winners will receive:

  • One month of Discord Nitro
  • 3 months of free hosting via RoboPlay (pending release)
  • Exclusive limited edition Robo.js Hacktoberfest T-Shirt
Custom design ready for #hacktoberfest
Heads up: T-Shirt shipping is subject to Teespring's shipping policy and may not be available in all countries.

Existing Plugins

Wondering what's already out there?

Check out our AI Plugin, which transforms your Robo into an engaging chatbot with customizable behaviors and commands, or the API Plugin that allows you to effortlessly create and manage API routes, turning your project into a fully-fledged API server. And don't miss out on the new AI Voice Plugin, giving your Robo the capability to join and interact in voice channels, making it even more lively and interactive!

SageBot speaks thanks to the ai and ai-voice plugins

Check out our full plugin directory here or get yours listed!

Ready to Participate?

Excited to dive in and create something awesome? Starting a new Robo is as simple as running npx create-robo <name> (and --plugin if applicable). For detailed instructions and more information on creating bots or plugins, choose your documentation path:

Whether it’s a unique bot, a handy plugin, or a contribution to Robo.js and its official plugins, we’re eager to see your innovations!

Eager to roll up your sleeves with Robo.js? Start with our to-do Robo tutorial to get the gears turning.

And when you're ready for a sprinkle of magic, step into Robo Discord Server. Think of it as our enchanting digital lounge, where you can gather insights, share your creations, or simply chat about the latest in bot wizardry. All in all, it's where the Robo.js magic truly comes alive.

Ready to craft, contribute, or just converse? We're all ears—and gears!