Let Your Robo Speak: Introducing AI Voice Plugin! 🎙️

Let Your Robo Speak: Introducing AI Voice Plugin! 🎙️

Hey there! We’re excited to share our new AI Voice Plugin, @roboplay/plugin-ai-voice. It's an add-on to our primary AI plugin, allowing your Robo to interact in voice channels. It’s in the early development stages, but we're actively enhancing it for a smoother experience.

🚀 How to Use

Get your Robo into a voice channel and start talking away! This plugin retains your Robo's distinct personality, maintaining a consistent tone with the existing system message. And yes, it understands your commands too! Just tell Robo what you want, and watch it spring into action.

It even comes with debug messages!

🤖 Integration

The voice plugin integrates seamlessly with the primary AI plugin, @roboplay/plugin-ai, ensuring that your Robo’s personality remains consistent. If you don't have the primary AI plugin, you can add it in a snap with:

npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-ai

🔧 Setup

Voice Transcription & Processing: Powered by OpenAI. Don’t forget to sign up for an OpenAI API key.
Speech Synthesis: Fueled by Azure’s Speech Services. Please include this service in your Azure subscription.

To integrate, add the following keys to your .env file:


📦 Installation

To dive into this new experience, ensure you’re on the latest version of Robo.js and run:

npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-ai-voice

Also, don’t overlook the required peer dependencies:

npm install @discordjs/voice libsodium-wrappers

When setting up, just remember to slide in the GuildVoiceStates intent into your config, like this:

export default {
  clientOptions: {
    intents: [
      // ... your other cool intents
      'GuildVoiceStates'  // 👈 Just pop this one in here!

New Robo? 🚀

Starting fresh? Let's get you set up!

For a brand new Robo, run this in your terminal:

npx create-robo <your-robo-name>

You'll see an option to include our new AI Voice plugin during the setup. Select it and you're good to go.

📝 Note: Node.js 18+ is needed. Make sure you're up-to-date.

Already have a Robo? Just install the plugins via npm and add them to your config.

Easy peasy. Now go make some Robo magic! 🎉