Now Live: Free Dedicated Discord Bot Hosting on RoboPlay (Read for Invites Codes)

Now Live: Free Dedicated Discord Bot Hosting on RoboPlay (Read for Invites Codes)

We're beyond excited to unveil RoboPlay! It's not just another hosting service; it's a next-gen platform tailored for Discord.js bots, especially those powered by the Robo.js framework.

Currently in early beta. Plus, it's free to use, even post-beta, with some neat premium options for those looking for a little extra.

Deploy Your Bot in Under 5 Minutes

Getting your Discord.js bot up and running on RoboPlay is easy! Hereโ€™s how:

Node v18+: Make sure you have Node.js 18 or newer installed on your system.

Create Your Bot: Use npx create-robo to set up a Discord.js bot powered by Robo.js.

  • Sign up for RoboPlay: Run npx robo login to open our auth page. Don't forget your invite code!
  • Deploy Your Bot: Launch your bot into the world with npx robo deploy, ensuring it stays online 24/7, free of charge!

Each RoboPlay account comes with a free "Robo Pod" to host your bot. Think of it as a dedicated server for your bot, without the need to compete for resources, but much easier to use.

Remote Bot Management Made Easy

Until we have a full-fledged dashboard, you can manage your Discord.js bot powered by Robo.js using the command line:

  • Start Your Bot: npx robo cloud start
  • Stop Your Bot: npx robo cloud stop
  • View Your Bot's Logs: npx robo cloud logs
  • Check Your Bot's Status: npx robo cloud status

Robo.js: Simple, Powerful, and Fun

While RoboPlay provides the hosting, it's Robo.js that brings your bot to life! It's a powerful, yet simple, framework for Discord.js bots, with a built-in database, file-based structure, and so much more. All in just a few hundred kilobytes! (so smol)

โžž ๐Ÿ“š Documentation: Getting started

You can even install plugins to enhance your bot's functionality with a single command. Here are a few examples:

  • Moderation: Equip your bot with essential tools to manage and maintain your server.
npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-moderation
  • AI Chatbot: Transform your bot into an engaging chatbot using AI. Supports customized behaviors and Discord commands.
npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-ai
  • Web Server: Effortlessly create and manage API routes, turning your Robo project into a full-fledged API server.
npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-api

โžž ๐Ÿ“š Learn how to make your own plugin


Ready to Join? Grab Your Invite Code!

Excited yet? We're including two invite codes for early access. If you miss out, don't fret! Join our Discord and summon an invite for yourself with the /claim-invite command.


Our Discord server is also home to our very own AI bot, Sage, ready to assist with answers to your queries. Plus, our friendly staff are always on deck to help out. UwU

Our commitment with RoboPlay is to provide a robust, user-friendly platform for bot developers at every skill level. From your first line of code to a fully functional bot, we're excited to support your journey.

Keep your eyes peeled for what's next, and let's create something awesome together!