Introducing the Moderation Tools Plugin for Robo.js

Introducing the Moderation Tools Plugin for Robo.js

Managing a Discord server just got more streamlined and efficient with the release of the @roboplay/plugin-modtools. This powerful plugin is designed to elevate the moderation capabilities of your Robo.js projects, infusing them with advanced features for a smoother and more effective server management experience.

Installation 💻

To add this plugin to your Robo.js project:

npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-modtools

New to Robo.js? Start your project with this plugin pre-installed:

npx create-robo <project-name> -p @roboplay/plugin-modtools

What's New in Moderation?

The Enhanced Moderation Tools Plugin offers a comprehensive suite of commands, bringing flexibility and depth to server moderation:

Slash Commands

Empower your server's moderation team with these intuitive slash commands:

  • /mod audit: Get a deep insight into member activities.
  • /mod ban: Remove rule violators effectively.
  • /mod forgive: Offer a clean slate to members by clearing past strikes.
  • /mod kick: Temporarily remove disruptive members.
  • /mod report: Streamline issue reporting within the community.
  • /mod setup: Easily configure your moderation tools.
  • /mod timeout: Implement cooling-off periods.
  • /mod warn: Discreetly warn members, maintaining server decorum.
Example use of /mod ban

Context Commands

Context commands make moderation actions more accessible and user-friendly:

  • Report Anonymously (Message): Facilitate anonymous reporting.
  • Audit (User): Instantly audit user activities.

Moderation Channels

Organize and track server activities efficiently with specialized moderation channels:

  • Moderator Logs: Keep a detailed record of all moderation actions.
  • Moderator Mail: Centralize and manage user reports effectively.

Easy Setup

Setting up the plugin is hassle-free. Run /mod setup as a moderator to tailor the moderation tools to your server's needs. Choose your moderation channels, test actions safely with Test Mode, enable Confirmation Mode to avoid unintentional moderation actions, or restrict all commands to only moderators with Lockdown Mode.

Don't worry, only moderators can change things

Smarter Moderation with AI Integration

Imagine moderating your server using natural language commands. By integrating the @roboplay/plugin-ai, this becomes a reality:

npx robo add @roboplay/plugin-ai

Direct your Robo in plain language, like “SageBot, please ban Baguette for spamming bread,” and let the AI take care of the rest.

Just like slash commands, AI bots will only listen to those with the necessary permissions

This plugin marks a significant leap in our ongoing efforts to make Discord server management more intuitive and efficient. We're excited for you to try the Enhanced Moderation Tools Plugin and take your server's moderation to the next level!

Join the Robo.js Journey

New to Robo.js? Start building your own feature-rich Discord bot today:

npx create-robo <name> -p @roboplay/plugin-modtools

Documentation: Getting started

Community: Join our Discord server

Experience an enhanced moderation experience with Robo.js today! 🚀