Robo.js Update: Smoother Debugging and Faster Bot Deployment

Robo.js Update: Smoother Debugging and Faster Bot Deployment

Error Handling and Debugging mode

Robo.js has recently introduced a new update or version that includes an advanced feature for error handling and debugging mode. This new mode allows for more efficient and effective identification, diagnosis, and resolution of errors or issues that may arise during software execution, which is critical for ensuring smooth and error-free performance.

With this new update, users can now expect to have an improved user experience and more accurate results, as the software can handle errors more effectively and provide better diagnostic information to aid in troubleshooting.

Better Windows Support

Robo.js offers better Windows support for its Discord bot hosting services. This means that Windows-based Discord bot developers can now easily deploy their bots on RoboPlay without worrying about compatibility issues or the need for additional configuration.

Smaller Package Size

Robo.js can help Discord bot developers reduce their costs and improve their bot's performance. Smaller package sizes also make it easier for developers to deploy their bots on a wider range of platforms, including those with limited resources or slower internet connections.

Furthermore, smaller package sizes mean faster deployment times and lower latency for the end-users. This can significantly improve the user experience, this in far is my personal favourite new feature, especially for bots that require real-time interactions such as gaming bots.

Sage mode now works more transparently in commands

Sage is the name of the built-in functionality that automatically handles things you would need to otherwise explicitly write code for. One such case is where you would need to do interaction.reply(something) to respond to a command. With Sage, you can just return something instead and it’ll handle the reply for you.

It was noticed that this behavior caused confusion with beginners and people who were used to Discord.js. Now it’s possible to not return anything at all and have it work like they’re used to (interaction.reply) without needing to change any settings like before.

Sneak peek of upcoming dashboard, an upgraded deployement format and documentation

Roboplay is excited to announce the introduction of a new deployment format for Discord bots – the .robo.gz format, as well as the preview of an upcoming dashboard!

Our documentation will provide you with all the information you need to get started with Roboplay, from setting up your account to deploying your first bot. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting new features!