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Level 1

Hi, I'm Pk. Today I'd like to introduce WavePlay to the world! :)

WavePlay is an online music streaming platform that hopes to help small producers in every way possible. I believe that listening to music should be more than just enjoyable, it should be fun.

A gamified platform allows you to upgrade your account for a greater experience each time. You can earn "Exp" by simply exploring the site. Listening, sharing, messaging, etc. Certain actions will also gain you "Cores" which you can then use to purchase items from the Wave Shop - coming in a future update.

I sincerely hope WavePlay can grow to become something music producers find useful and listeners find fun. WavePlay is made up of just one "employee": me. It's something I've been working on strictly only during weekends and my spare time outside of my day job's hours, with all funding coming directly from my pocket. Due to time constraints, WavePlay only works on mobile at the moment, but I hope to add support for desktop in the near future!

WavePlay was inspired by all of the wonderful music created by everyone. Wave Meow has been a massive support in the creation of WavePlay and has released an exclusive today:

Play It by Wave Meow
WavePlay exclusive produced by Wave Meow!

We're also launching with music from Machiko and Soffizly. Please give their music a listen and consider supporting! 💖🌟

Birthday (Song for Eric Kauffmann) by Soffizlly
Megacollab: Soffizlly, Tagu, ShockWarp, Katarfall, CasTy! Song for @erickauffmann! Have a nice birthday! ❤️🥳 ❣ Song stuff ❣>Free download (WAV): bit.ly/birthdayWAV>Geometry Dash ID: 1012381 ❣ Follow them! ❣>Tagu: @tagu2004>ShockWarp: @ShockWarp>Katarfall: @ricardo-padilla-263993047>CasTy!:…
Exploit (w/ Nicolás Agustín) by Soffizlly
❣ Song stuff ❣> Free download: bit.ly/exploitfreedl> Geometry Dash ID: 996823 ❣ Follow Nicolás Agustín ❣> Facebook: www.facebook.com/nicolas.agustin.75436531> Bandcamp: nicolasagustin.bandcamp.com/> Soundcloud: @nicoagustinn> Twitter: twitter.com/nicoagustinn_> Newgrounds: nicoagustinn.newgr…
Flex (Remastered) by Soffizlly
Available on all stores 🎊 ❣ Follow me ❣> Donations: paypal.me/soffizlly> My discord server: discord.gg/3regP7ZSFB> Instagram: www.instagram.com/soffizlly/> YouTube: bit.ly/soffiyt> Bandcamp: bit.ly/sofficamp> Spotify: spoti.fi/3nR54FZ> Newgrounds: bit.ly/ngsoffi If you need talk with me, d…
Ransomware (sytrus challenge version) by Soffizlly
Song for Sytrus challenge by Eric Kauffmann. Listen the remastered version available on Space Pizza Z 🍕: Spacepizzarecords – Soffizlly-ransomware Available on all stores 🎊Artwork by: Stocked. Geometry Dash ID: ❣ Follow me ❣> Donations: paypal.me/soffizlly> My discord server: discord.gg/3reg…
Snake (w/ ELEPS) by Soffizlly
Headbang time!Like and repost! ❣ Song stuff ❣>Free download: bit.ly/snakefreedl>Geometry Dash ID: 1004942 ❣ Follow ELEPS ❣>SoundCloud: @eleps-44> Instagram: www.instagram.com/elepsofficial> YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQd_k5xGiFPpsl9rZuNDzw> Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/00xxueMmA…
Trojan (w/ LACENTI) by Soffizlly
Artwork made by STOCKED!> Follow him on ig; www.instagram.com/_stocked__/ ❣ Song stuff ❣> Free download: bit.ly/trojanfreedl> Geometry Dash ID: 1012387 ❣ Follow LACENTI ❣> SoundCloud: @lacenti ❣ Follow me ❣> My discord server: dsc.gg/soffizlly> Instagram: www.instagram.com/soffizlly/> YouT…
New World (Wave Meow Remix) by Wave Meow
Sweet Treasure by Wave Meow
Arcade by Wave Meow
Power Up by Wave Meow
♥ -DL: www.toneden.io/wavemeow/post/power-up-DL: wavemeow.bandcamp.com/releases
Cosmic [Vibes Release] by Wave Meow
⭐ Wave Meow - Cosmic➥ Stream/Download: vibes.link/CosmicID➥ Spotify Playlists: vibes.link/spotify 🎼 Wave Meow● @wavemeow● twitter.com/MeowWave● www.facebook.com/WaveMeow● wavemeow.bandcamp.com/releases● open.spotify.com/artist/7h1lUkkaG2VBNY5p99Zf3K ⚜️ Vibes Records● vibes.link/spotify●…
Happy End (w/ Lewis) by Wave Meow
⭐ Stream/Download: vibes.link/HappyEnd➥ Join Vibes: vibes.link/join➥ Vibes Shop: vibes.link/shop➥ Spotify Playlists: vibes.link/spotify 🎼 Lewis● @lewisdubmusic● twitter.com/lelishillpa● www.instagram.com/lewisdub/● open.spotify.com/artist/6hRCCgPC5YQDOCrYqPi636 🎼 Wave Meow● @wavemeow● t…
In Love by Wave Meow
♥Wave Meow - In Love➥ Stream/Download: vibes.link/InLove➥ Vibes Shop: vibes.link/shop➥ Spotify Playlists: vibes.link/spotify⚜️ Vibes Records● vibes.link/spotify● vibes.link/discord● vibes.link/facebook● vibes.link/twitter● vibes.link/soundcloud● vibes.link/snapchat● vibes.link/instagram❌…
Everything by Wave Meow
Lewis & K U C C I I - Sunset (Wave Meow Remix) by Wave Meow
Meooow~ Original Track: Lewisdubmusic – Sunset ♥Lewis● @lewisdubmusic● twitter.com/lelishillpa● www.instagram.com/lewisdub/● open.spotify.com/artist/6hRCCgPC5YQDOCrYqPi636 ♥ Kuccii● @kucciimusic● www.instagram.com/kucciimusic/● www.youtube.com/channel/UCdwkQ0G62t-0P_XeirurMgw
Smooth by Wave Meow
Download: www.toneden.io/wavemeow/post/smooth
Milkshake by Wave Meow
Harrison - Happy Boy (WaveMeow Remix) by Wave Meow
Yellow by Wave Meow
What is your favorite color?♥ STEMS:www.mediafire.com/file/6kd16lulda5…Yellow+Stems.zip
Hot Chocolate by Wave Meow
spoti.fi/3lf60UO ✦ Download: setkamusic.bandcamp.com/track/hot-chocolate ✦ Follow Setka:sptfy.com/imsetkatwitter.com/imsetkainstagram.com/imsetka ✦ Follow Wave Meow:@wavemeowtwitter.com/wavemeowinstagram.com/wavemeow
Taeko Summer (Wave Meow Remix) by Wave Meow
♥M3ow @zaikowenofficial @itsminuitcafe ♥youtu.be/7wzMq-T9qpI ♥Original songe: Itsminuitcafe – Taekosummer ℗ 2021 Music by Zai Kowen (@zaikowenofficial) & Minuit Cafe performing “Taeko Summer” (C) 2021 Contains samples of : Taeko Ohnuki - 都会 (Tokai)

WavePlay is currently in very early beta stage and account creation is limited, but invites will be going out to those in the waitlist periodically. This helps prevent WavePlay costs from getting out of control. Join the waitlist from waveplay.com or join our Discord server!

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